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The Big Picture - Setting your Ideal

An Ideal is the encapsulation of the end result of all your goals, of everything you ultimately want to be, and most importantly, a way of being, all wrapped up in one symbolic concept. If the greatest thing you can achieve is Universal Consciousness, then the greatest ideal would be one of the Universally Conscious beings. Since your ideal is a way for you to be, it can be set in one concept of being, such as that exemplified in the lives of any of the enlightened ones, past or present.

We have already discussed how what you think and do, radically changes everything in your life. When you establish an ideal, and keep it in your conscious mind, it can have a powerful effect on your life. But this effect is only as strong as your application of the ideal in your life.

So consider who or what is the ULTIMATE you would have in your life, and in the lives of others. Once you determine your ideal, then close your eyes, medi - tate on it, contemplate it. Feel, and completely visualize being like your ideal, as if it were indeed real. This is one way to set your ideal.

Getting the Conscious and Subconscious in Sync

For anything to really be effective, including goal achievement, self-discipline, or ideals, the conscious and subconscious minds must work together. Many times a person makes major conscious mind decisions, but the programming of the sub- conscious mind is in conflict with those, and keeps working at counter-purposes to the conscious goal. Since so much of what we think and do comes from the sub- conscious, this can totally nullify your conscious desires, and in fact, make things happen that are opposite to what you want. Properly setting your ideal will have an effect on both the conscious and subconscious realms of your being.

For instance, a person may have decided they want a successful career, and they do all the right conscious things to make it happen. They get training, apply for work, etc.. But if the subconscious is programmed for failure, the person will do things that counteract, and defeat the conscious goal. They may be stupid little things, like the slip of a word at the wrong time, or being late for an appointment, or even little physical “screw-ups”. It can defeat you in many ways.

Programming Your Ideal

To get your ideal programmed into the sub-conscious, use the tools of affirmation, complete visualization, meditation, and high vibrational sounds.

Once an ideal is fully programmed into the subconscious, the subconscious will work towards achieving it. This doesn’t mean that you can sit back and let the subconscious do all the work for you. You must still consciously apply your ideal in all situations - concentration and self-discipline comes into play again.

When you have set your ideal, check up on yourself by keeping a list of your daily activities, and reviewing them daily to see how you are doing with living up to


Remember, if you have no ideal, you are like a piece of driftwood being tossed about by the tides of external forces, or one of those toys that moves on the floor in a random direction until it runs into something, upon which it turns around and moves in another direction until it runs into something else, etc., etc..

If you have an ideal, but it’s not in harmony with Universal will, then your life is but a temporary illusion, the rewards of which are empty and negative. Only an ideal that is in harmony with the eternal Universal flow brings lasting peace and fulfillment.

Whatever your ideal is, self-discipline, consistency, and perseverance are determining factors in whether the manifestation of your ideal is great, has little effect, or fails to manifest altogether. Look at those who have excelled in their chosen directions. How do they do it? They have very definite goals and they work at it consistently. “Perseverance furthers”. If someone else can do it, so can you. And what better reason could you have to exercise strict self discipline and consistency, than for the goal of being a channel for the manifestation of the Universal Spirit?

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the divine feminine energy can take any color, shape, or form
the divine feminine energy can take any color, shape, or form. the outer form is merely the vessel for the frequency of femininity - that of beauty, healing, unconditional love, creativity, flowing self expression, and being tapped into the connection of all things, like Mother Nature herself
— jade min akasha

What is a Priestess?

A Priestess is a vessel of Eternity… a servant of the Goddess, of Truth, of Beauty, of Wisdom, and a conduit of Love.  She is a woman awake in her femininity and the power of the Goddess in her body temple.  She is a spiritual activist doing the work of the Divine in the world. A seeker, a mystic, a poetess, a dancer, a lover, a warrior, a mother, a sorceress, a crone, the Priestess allows all of the ways of the Lady to live in her.  She is a revolutionary force of kindness and compassion and strength and fortitude.

Dancing with the elements, she practices self-love as a devotion to the Goddess.  She listens. She responds. She is still and moving at the same time.  From her connection to Source, she is a beacon of spirit and soul, radiating blessings around her and enlivening any being who comes into contact with her.

Everyone is the artist of their lives, and the Priestess is trained to become a devotional artist of service and healing. She is rooted in her internal relationship with spirit and from there she can do inspired work in the world. A priestess can be a healer, a stay-at-home mother, a teacher, a CEO, a hermit; the particular expression of her service is as unique as each woman on the Path.  

When a woman reclaims this archetype, she enters into seriously playful intimacy with the powers that create our lives.  She frees herself from the domesticated mind and roams purposefully in the wilds of her heart, letting her authentic nature guide her.

One of the names of the Goddess is, “She Who Hears the Cries of the World.” The Priestess hears these cries, she feels them in her body, indelibly etched in her cells.  The Priestess has an inborn sense of responsibility – literally the “ability to respond,” – which motivates her to a life of service. She cultivates her life as a practical mystic, being a leader by her radical choice to fully inhabit her feminine nature.  The Priestess is a pillar of support and a chalice of guidance as humanity writes this next chapter of the Great Story.

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you can take any vision and turn it into reality by having an ultra clear desired outcome
jade min akasha rapid planning method yoga padmasana

This is called the “Rapid Planning Method” aka the most efficient scaffolding of action steps to make a desired outcome real without any extraneous bullsh*t. It is a way of thinking for conditioning your brain to focus on the outcome and result that you're after. Daily life does not make it easy for us to create our own realities, it is designed to distract us in order to give away our energy. We must live life by design, not by default.

simply get clear on these three questions:

  1. RESULTS - What do I really want? What’s the outcome I’m after? What’s the specific measurable result? The more precise, the stronger it is.

  2. PURPOSE - What’s my purpose? What are my reasons? Why is this not just a “should,” but a must for me? What kind of trigger words really supercharge you with emotion and motivation? Choose energy-generating words that give you a high level of enthusiasm.

  3. MASSIVE ACTION - What do I need to do? What’s my massive action plan? Not just one or two things. Brainstorm a bunch of ideas. What are all the possibilities, so I can later decide which one has the most power?

** examples coming soon **

When you know what you want and why you want it, the doing becomes easier and easier. And you’re not doing anything under stress and duress. You’re doing it with joy, because it’s what you want to do, and you know where you’re headed. It’s maximizing your results and your fulfillment simultaneously because you’re not just achieving something, you’re fulfilled emotionally. You’re achieving the vision you created, and you have the emotions you want most attached to it. An extraordinary life is not something selected for the lucky few. It’s our birthright as human beings. It’s yours for the asking. It’s yours for the taking.
— Tony Robbins
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when you unlock your scripts, anything becomes possible; the“yes-and” improv of life
6 jade min akasha - photo selection - 2019.png

The other night I was talking to my friend, a highly talented film producer who has built up a significant portfolio by his sheer persistence, no-bullshit business acumen, and ability to read people like books. He was advising me to be more skeptical, cooly observing how things will play out while expecting the worst. (I have been hurt all too many times by being too trusting of people, so I happily took his advice). He said that by doing this, he has an unbiased view on the sequence of events that follows and this has given him the ability to see entire trajectories of people’s futures and pending situations. But he said that he could not figure out my future trajectory at all. To be quite honest, neither can I! I’ve hit the cosmic reset button on my brain, had one too many ego deaths, and all sense of past fixed identities and “scripts” have been… obliterated. I have accepted breakthroughs as my everyday baseline. I am now truly creating from the primordial zero point of creation. Living the “yes-and” improv of life. Experiencing every nanosecond anew, not relying on any scripts and stencils of the past! Avoiding the all too comfortable temptation of slipping back into old patterns and precedents.

But one cannot build a castle on sand, nor an empire on stilts… despite my bizarre boho-jedi galactic-dominatrix, tantric-alien, harajuku-yogi ways, I have always operated from a powerful core and solid foundation. The irony is that the MORE powerful your base is, the stronger your self-knowledge… the quicker and more easily you can reinvent yourself, while maintaining a sense of peace and stability. Because your True Self (“Soul”) is formless, has no identity or fixed form. Your True Self is beyond the laws of time and physics. If your connection to yourself is strong at a Soul level, things can become very fluid on the outside, yet there is a pervading sense of zen throughout the rapid changes. Like quickly changing outfits in between stage acts. It can look chaotic, but it is somehow perfectly orchestrated... The yes-and improv of life on a moment to moment basis - ever so present to the stream of life such that there are no gaps in awareness… now THAT is the next level I strive for…

When you unlock your scripts, then anything becomes possible. What does it mean to be scripted? Doing the things you rehearsed before, the same habits of yesterday, the same career you started 10 years ago… that’s locking yourself into a script. Perpetual reinvention of yourself moment to moment is true BEING (vs doing), and unlocking your full potential. Accepting the scripts you’ve been handed precludes all the other timelines and trajectories you could have experienced, had you been present to the possibility.

Hmmm I much prefer the yes-and improv of life, to be the dreamer of my dream, the the director of my movie, playwright of my play, don’t you?

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the results you’re getting in life are directly proportionate to how well you walk the walk
jade min akasha.png

The results you’re getting in life are directly proportionate to how well you walk the walk. In a word - INTEGRITY.

Most of my life I have been either self-employed or did commission-based work where I handled clients directly - in my professional days as a DJ, a real estate broker, a yoga teacher - and now as a tantric healer, event producer, and creative director. Yes I have lived and thrived in many many many past lives and roles (time is an illusion anyhow), and no I’m not bullshitting this, and yes there will be more stories forthcoming. Anyways, I truly love this self-managed setup and would have it no other way no matter how challenging it can be, because it inspired fierce competition with myself and holds me accountable to nothing but my own results - the growth mindset. There has been very little room for complacency, knowing I HAD to earn my next meal and rent. And knowing that I MUST be on an upward trajectory and one-up the last thing I did, because being on a downward trajectory is not an option.

Throughout my journey, whenever I took responsibility for something lame I was doing, such as being late (I still do this lol), slacking off, or being disrespectful in my communication, I would experience a huge paradigm shift. Then new opportunities, people, and projects aligned to my new paradigm would just… appear. It really is a game of mentalism. Mindset shift = reality shift. Alignment between the two. At every level it was a game of incremental upgrades, exactly proportionate to the degree in which I was honest with my shortcomings and my areas of needed improvement. At every level of the game it was about identifying cracks in my integrity, getting very real with my lame behaviors, and sealing up those cracks. Cleaning up messes, having tough conversations, forgiving people, implementing new habits, etc.

When you seal up all those cracks and ARE it, everything you seek will be seeking you, in fact those things will practically knock down your door! Being the living example - walking the walk - this is the true measure of excellence.

And arguably, it is the ONLY skill you need for success.

when you set a goal you mobilize life force
jade min akasha.png

Often the goals you set are merely the metric of the true goal, which is the character qualities and traits you must embody in order to see those metrics happen. When you set a goal you mobilize life force. Then you get excited and inspired, and find yourself doing things and asking questions that were not available before!

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𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒶𝓁𝒸𝒽𝑒𝓂𝒾𝒸𝒶𝓁 𝑔𝑜𝓁𝒹...
jade min akasha alchemy waterfall.jpg

Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.

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don’t go at it alone, the essence of human relationships

Finally I’m understanding the essence of human relationships... I’m so moved... walls and ego come crumbling down.... “Thriving” independently and alone is great and all.... but does it really mean anything if you’re not being witnessed? Does it really mean anything if people weren’t there to witness you and encourage you as you were struggling and trembling as a little sapling aspiring for greatness? To have someone to count on, to be held up by another and not go at it alone. To depend on one another and take refuge. To do things together and create your dreams with someone - whether it be a business partner, creative collaborator, romantic partner, or close friend. To start from zero and make progress TOGETHER - few things in life are more fulfilling! To have someone to call and totally receive your emotional mess without judgment during times of confusion and darkness.

* I often write these blog posts on the fly, so apologies if they are a bit cryptic and the ideas are not fully formed/elaborated. All of my posts are living organisms that I add to as I grow and arrive at new insights.

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integrity is at the core of being powerful and enacting your will into the world
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True integrity is at the core of being powerful and enacting your will into the world. When you think one thing, act another, and feel yet another, you block yourself from what you desire. Give yourself the ease of fulfilling your goals & desires (“manifesting”), by making sure there is no conflict between your thoughts and emotions, and with your emotions and your actions.

Ah, like most things worth doing, this is soooo simple in theory yet inordinately difficult to put in practice.

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representations of the female form in art and media
jade min akasha blog-venus max makewell art.jpeg

Once the memory of the goddess is reawakened / reactivated, a subtle change occurs - in the woman, an inner strength and worth that gives her a sense of joy in her biological makeup. In the man, a calling to serve, protect, and admire, as one would a beautiful and tender rose bud.

This image is already within the psyche - we simply need to make it conscious. This is why media and art are so important - representations of the female form must appeal to the higher sensibilities of the viewer. Aesthetic and artful versus debased and crass. In this day and age of internet, there are endless options of images to consume. We must be conscious of how those images are affecting our psyche and our perceptions.

The beautiful sculpture depicted above, Venus of Mars is by the talented NYC-based artist Max Makewell, and is even more intricate and breathtaking in person (especially considering that it was 3D printed, before being coated in bronze). The surface is covered in tiny female figure details! The macro within the micro, and vice versa - like this holographic universe. One can appreciate such art that raises the consciousness of the viewer.

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hit the reset button on your psyche and don’t bother backing up the data ;)

✨Meditation and certain entheogens remove the perceptual filters of the conscious mind so you’re just exploring the stuff of the subconscious mind. Swimming in the watery often murky depths. The more you surrender to the experience with a sense of openness and courage no matter how abstract and weird, the easier it gets. Then you might actually find yourself having fun at the Mad Hatter Tea Party 😂🧚🏼‍♀️🤓🧙🏼‍♀️

Throughout my life I preferred to just demolish the whole thing with a f*cking fire and plow, so that there was nothing left but ashes. Hit the reset button without backing up any of the data, and swiping the operating system clean and being without a new one for a while, just staring at the blank screen of death. The reset button on your psyche. Reinvention from a total void and 3D printing from scratch the new building materials. There are certain meditation techniques and entheogens that kind of do this. It’s the proverbial red pill blue pill scenario. You can also do it the slow painful way, by pulling out weeds for years and decades and talking to your therapist for hours and years without ever actually getting to a more empowered better feeling state. I personally always preferred efficiency and velocity in getting from point A to Z ;) 

Regardless of where you are in the process, you do want to be “mineralizing” and tending to the soil NOW. This is two part: 1) Ceasing to dump additional waste on the soil by raising the standard of the information you consume, and 2) Intentionally fertilizing your garden with quality information.

*** I will share more in a future post about exactly how I do this and what I consume. I often write these blog posts on the fly, so apologies if they are a bit cryptic and the ideas are not fully formed/elaborated. All of my posts are living organisms that I add to as I grow and arrive at new insights.

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poetry: infinity dance ♾

Arms and hearts intertwined
All one dancing in the infinite comic miracle of existence
Swirly and wondrous and ever expanding
We shall dance the dream on the universal stage
We shall be the wayshowers
Leading all and everything of us into this eternal dance
Oh we shall show them alright
Causing blissful ripples and music of the spheres ad infinitum into the quantum field
Tickling all their hearts now
Sending it out into the cosmic spheres and frequencies for all to feel
Wondering what this means, longing for more, being called to find truth
And we will be there, welcoming all with open arms
May all beings understand and feel this
It feels like I’ve been waiting for this since the beginning of time
The time is Now

∞ The Game of Infinity

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juicy watermelon medicine to engorge your life with sweetness

absolutely anything in life can be medicine when we feel into it deeply and imbue it with meaning. sometimes this takes quite a playful attitude, a stretch of the imagination 🌈

#tbt last summer at this rooftop party, where the vibe was super high so I felt inspired to share the watermelon medicine. 🍉🍉🍉🍉💦🧚🏼‍♀️☺️ bringing the JUICINESS into your life. feel it hydrating and replenishing the inside of your mouth, your tongue engorged with sweet life, dripping down your throat, and a few seeds of inspiration fill you with happiness! bring it in bring it in. a juicy VIBRANT life that tastes good and feels good, full of hope like a rainbow 🌈

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